Workshop on data collection from various devices

WP1 organized a full-day E-care@home workshop on data collection from various devices on March 23rd. The workshop was held at Mdh premises in Västerås. Below follows a summary of the workshop:

The first group (Ivan Tomasic, Nikola Petrovic and Hossein Fotouhi) was working on analyzing the RN-42 class 2 Bluetooth module. The main issues are the power consumption on sleep and transmit mode, and also different level of RF transmit power that are specified in the data sheet. Our main concentration is to develop our enhancements at the LogAndStream mechanism at the Shimmer application. We created a copy of the working project’s repository at the GitHub to push/pull the changeMDH 210317s from different machines to a central repository. This makes it easier to contribute in the project, and also better documentation of the codes.

The other group (Mobyen Uddin Ahmed and Uwe Köckemann) worked on ‘collecting data from various devices (Shimmer+Remote+XBee) to the E-care@home database’. The main goal to was to see various sensor devices can transmit data to the E-care@home database. Mobyen used the Android platform to access one Shimmer node via Bluetooth communication and transmit the measurements for 15 parameters (AccLowX, AccLowY, AccLowZ, WideAccLowX, WideAccLowY, WideAccLowZ, GyroscopeX, GyroscopeY, GyroscopeZ, MagnetometerX, MagnetometerY, MagnetometerZ, ECG_LL_RA, ECG_LA_RA, ECG_Vx_RL) with date time. Uwe used a simple network of three Zolertia Remotes. Two were equipped with motion and loudness sensors and sent the corresponding sensor values, their battery status, and internal temperatures to the third one which was used to forward data to a PC and from there to the E-care@home sensor database. In addition, two XBee nodes were used. One recorded temperature and motion while the other was used to interface with the PC (again forwarding to the database from there). It shows, we have successfully transmitted these measurements from various sensors into the E-care database form two different system. However, there are several issues arising, e.g. sampling frequency, time, etc.