Focus groups with potential E-care@home users

On May 30th, two 2.5h long workshops were organized in Västerås by Mistel, and researchers from ORU and MDH. Mistel is Västerås testbed.

The first workshop “Nytt E-hälsosystem under utveckling – vi behöver din expertkompetens!” had three participants representing home care services and homemaker services.

The second workshop “Ett nytt sätt att få koll på din hälsa” collected eight participants, two of which were both elderly and relatives to others with more needs.

The aim of the workshops was to: “Understand which activites elderly perform everyday and more about their habits in order to make a system around them which can measure what needs to be measured.

During each workshop, the participants saw the newly recorded movie illustrating some of the current E-care@home capabilities and answered some questions during very engaging discussions.

The video is also available in English:

Questions that we tried to get answers to included:

  • What are you/elderly doing in their daily life? (e.g. exercising/rehabilitation, take medicine, remember birthdays, take a walk)
  • Which daily activites are most important?
  • In which situations is it most important to stay independent?
  • In which situations are they afraid or worried?
  • How should we approach the problem?
  • What solution is needed to improve their life?

The staff were also asked about:

  • What work tasks are there during a day?
  • What work tasks take the longest time? Which is the reason for most visits?
  • What measures are taken?
  • What measures that could be valuable are not taken today?
  • Which data would you like to access at distance?
  • Which of the demonstrated sensors feel relevant?
  • Are any measures/support missing?

Mistel will summarize the results of the two workshops in a report that will provide us with  insights for the continued development of the E-care@home system during the upcoming autumn.