Spring Project Meeting on May 16th

The biannual E-care@home project meeting took place on May 16th in Örebro. The meeting was split in two parts; the morning session which was held at Conventum served to provide an overview of the progress made within the distributed research environment. In addition, it provided an opportunity to discuss and agree upon an adjusted workplan in which a new work package focusing on data collection and test bedding will be introduced.

After the lunch break, the meeting location switched to the Ängen Research and Innovation Apartment in which an initial version of an E-care@home system that has been deployed was demonstrated. After being introduced to the apartment and some equipment therein, all participants could see and touch the sensors as well as see the scenario that would be demonstrated by an actor.

During the demonstration, all meeting participants could see what was going on in an adjacent apartment via an interface. Examples of activities included:

  • watching tv from the sofa,
  • going to the bathroom with tv on,
  • exercising in the sofa which results in a higher pulse but not an alarming situation,
  • turning the stove on,
  • watching tv with stove on which issues an alarm to the actor,
  • actor having an alarmingly high pulse after having forgotten to turn off the stove.


Having watched the demonstration, a fruitful discussion on how the scenario and data collection methods may improve for the next demonstration took place. In particular, the current demonstrator makes use of simulated physiological data while the next demonstrator should include also data coming from physiological sensors.

The meeting ended with another discussion on how to proceed from use cases featuring selected primary personas towards system requirements.


Watching TV.


Exercising in the sofa.


Alarming pulse.