Seminar at ASSA ABLOY

On November 5, 2018, Nicolas Tsiftes from RISE gave a seminar at ASSA ABLOY in Stockholm titled “Sleepy Devices vs. Radio Duty Cycling: The Case of LwM2M“. The seminar covered the research in a recent paper by C. Gonzalo Peces, J. Eriksson, and N. Tsiftes, which has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

The paper evaluates two major energy-saving strategies, radio duty cycling and sleepy devices, within the context of LwM2M—the device management protocol used to implement the E-care@home application layer for sensor devices. Based on the experimental results and an empirical model, the paper gives recommendations on which strategy is the most efficient to choose with regards to battery lifetimes and communication latency for a given IoT network setup and application requirements.

As part of the work on the paper, we have released both the server and client software as open source. The server software has been integrated in Eclipse Leshan, whereas the client software has been integrated in the Contiki-NG operating system.