Report from project meeting in Linköping November 10th

On November 10th, there was a project wide E-care@home meeting in Linköping. Throughout the day, there was a mix between partner and milestone presentations as well as group discussions.

One of the discussions was about the meaning of creating a distributed research environment. Such an environment could mean:

• Common test platforms
• Common activities e.g. workshops
• Exchange of methodologies, e.g., competing algorithms
• A network of people with varied competences and expertise
• Multi-disciplinary research environment
• Joint PhD courses
• Datasets that can be used by others for testing and benchmarking
• More long-term visits of people
• Listing common atomic research questions around which we can cooperate and co-publish. Address research questions which are on the scientific forefront.
• Informing each other on what collaborations we have with industries, healthcare etc which could create opportunities for new research proposals.

Another important discussion regarded how to make use of the use cases and personas delivered in the first version of Milestone 5.1b. Technical challenges in six of the use cases were discussed in smaller groups.

Arne Jönsson from SICS East and Linköping University described the process of extracting concepts and terminology from a corpora of care related documents and human texts. He also described the difficulties so far in gaining access to such a corpora.


Jennifer Renoux and Uwe Köckemann informed about the database developed for E-care@home. There is not much reliable data out there that we can use. Therefore, plans are ongoing in order to record and annotate scenarios and activities within PEIS2 (ORU) multiple times and multiple users. Preparations for deploying a sensor network in one or two real homes in order to record and annotate data in a real environment are also ongoing.