Progress report from the workshop in Västerås

>A full day workshop was hosted by Mälardalen University on December 15. Below follows a brief summary of the workshop:

  • KKS profile ESS-H Demo: a presentation and discussion on the demo which made use of the Shimmer sensor, LabVIEW, PHP and MySQL. Bluetooth radio communication with sensors.
  • Android Demo: The Shimmer sensor system uses the Android platform, ESS-H MySQL database and ESS-H interface.
  • Successfully manipulation of the E-care@home database using the Android platform with Shimmer sensor (IMU), i.e. accelerometers Z, Y, and Z values are inserted in to the database with timestamp.
  • Modified the E-care@home database scripts to work with Python3, and managed to insert data from ReMotes into the E-care@home database server using the new script.
  • Successfully ran Shimmer firmware on Windows OS in order to program Shimmer sensors through the base device. This process does not require Labview software, and stores measurements in a text file. The Shimmer firmware code in Python and C was analysed to identify the functionality required to turn off the Bluetooth radio according to the state-of-the-art protocols. In the next step, the aim is to modify the Shimmer firmware to control Bluetooth radio modes, and enable duty cycling to increase battery lifetime.
  • Successful manipulation of E-care@home database with both the Shimmer IMU sensor and as well as ReMotes sensor simultaneously.

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