Advisory board meeting on February 14th

On February 14, project manager Amy Loutfi and Sture Hägglund (head of SICS East and the advisory board) met with Olle Vogel from KKS and the advisory board in Stockholm. This was the first advisory board meeting since May 2016 and there has been some changes with respect to members […]

Johanna Ulfvarson, Vinnova

Mobility exchange Jan 23rd – Feb 2nd

Marjan Alirezaie from Örebro University visited SICS EAST during the period January 23rd to February 2nd. This visit was planned during the Linköping E-care@home workshop held in November 2016, with the goal of software pipeline setup between Örebro and SICS EAST. The main part of the setup was about the […]

Progress report from the workshop in Västerås

>A full day workshop was hosted by Mälardalen University on December 15. Below follows a brief summary of the workshop: KKS profile ESS-H Demo: a presentation and discussion on the demo which made use of the Shimmer sensor, LabVIEW, PHP and MySQL. Bluetooth radio communication with sensors. Android Demo: The […]



Report from project meeting in Linköping November 10th

On November 10th, there was a project wide E-care@home meeting in Linköping. Throughout the day, there was a mix between partner and milestone presentations as well as group discussions. One of the discussions was about the meaning of creating a distributed research environment. Such an environment could mean: • Common […]

Fall project meeting and ontology workshop on Nov 10-11

Next week, there are two scheduled events in Linköping for the E-care@home consortia. On November 10th, there will be a projectwide fall meeting reviewing the work conducted during the past 6 months. During the meeting, we will also discuss: Vision and goals for E-care@home Metrics for E-care@home A concrete timeline of […]