Overarching objectives

Establishing scientific excellence

Establishing an efficient collaboration between partners

A key objective is to establish E-care@home as an internationally recognized research environment in the area of semantic interoperability for ICT-rich environments and one of the leaders in the area of independent living at home for the elderly. The collective scientific knowledge and technology-related competencies of the participating research groups provides the foundation for reaching this objective. To reach the goals of E-care@home, close collaboration between researchers across partners is a must. The mutual interest in the area of ICT-enabled independent living of the elderly, commitment to the semantic interoperabiity objective of E-care@home and, previous cooperation establish the foundation for this. The foundation will be reinforced by regular use of remote collaboration tools to overcome the challenge of geographical distance between partners.

Impacting society and industry

Creating critical mass

Another key objective of E-care@home is that the knowledge and technological solutions acquired should help addressing the burgeoning demand for elderly care services over the next decades. The expected impact is two-fold: a social dimension concerned with the well-being of the elderly; and an economic dimension concerning the effectiveness and profitability of public and private elderlycare sectors. Also semantic-interoperability related technologies play a central role in ambient intelligence systems and their components. E-care@home will produce an industrial impact that advances the position of Swedish industry in areas such as smart consumer electronics, telecommunications, sensor networks, and IoT-based industrial automation. A critical mass of researchers with a sufficiently broad competence needs to be engaged to obtain the scientific, societal and industrial impact E-care@home aims for. The participating groups engage 40 researchers and PhD students with competencies in the area of E-care@home and associated technologies. This mass provides a solid foundation for the research environment E-care@home. 2-4 senior researchers and 2-3 young researchers from each partner will form the core team of E-care@home. This team will be extended with additional researchers and PhD students funded by related projects. This larger group will be invited to workshops and other suitable events creating a group of about 40 professionals.