Open source software

Part of the algorithms and solutions developed within E-care@home are made available as open source software. Already available resources are listed below.

E-care@home GIT repository – Central repository collecting software developed by E-care@home. Currently this repository includes the outline of the E-care database, as well as Python, Java and C libraries that allow adding data to a database. Further software for data processing and collection with specific hardware will be added over time.

E-care@home Database – Publicly accessible data collected within E-care@home. This includes data collected and annotated in a real home for multiple days and a set of sleeping related activities collected at the Ängen research facility during an E-care@home workshop. To access the database, enter ecare-pub as user name and password.

SmartEnv ontology – The SmartEnv ontology as a representational model of smart (i.e., sensorized) environments is composed of several modules in the form of ontology patterns. Each pattern has been designed based on the Ontology Design Pattern (ODP) paradigm and represents one aspect of a smart environment such as physical (e.g., objects, places, people, etc) or conceptual aspects (e.g., observation process, communication process, time, etc.).

SpiderPlan – SpiderPlan is a constraint-based planning framework that allows inclusion of many different types of knowledge into automated planning. It also features execution and comes with an interface to the Robot Operating System (ROS).