Mobility exchange Jan 23rd – Feb 2nd

Marjan Alirezaie from Örebro University visited SICS EAST during the period January 23rd to February 2nd. This visit was planned during the Linköping E-care@home workshop held in November 2016, with the goal of software pipeline setup between Örebro and SICS EAST. The main part of the setup was about the integration of the RSP framework implemented by SICS EAST, with the ontology and the ASP reasoner developed in WP2. This integration facilitates the parameter adjustment for a better reasoning performance within a long-term observation process.

Regarding the semantic integration, we also had two half-days workshops. During the workshops, we were discussing and partially designing an extension of the available SmartHome ontology. This extension allows the observation process to enrich the output of a sensing process according to the health records and the profile of the user assumed to be filled by a health practitioner. This module is going to be finalized and linked to the existing ontology.