Fall project meeting and ontology workshop on Nov 10-11

Next week, there are two scheduled events in Linköping for the E-care@home consortia.

On November 10th, there will be a projectwide fall meeting reviewing the work conducted during the past 6 months. During the meeting, we will also discuss:

  • Vision and goals for E-care@home
  • Metrics for E-care@home
  • A concrete timeline of activities and deadlines for 2017
  • How to reinforce the E-care@home trademark
  • How to contribute with strong publications in the field
  • Mobility plans

In addition, we will discuss how to better integrate the work conducted within WP5 on personas and use cases with the work conducted in the more technical work packages. SICS East will provide a tutorial on methods used for extracting concepts and terminology from a corpora of care related documents and human texts and ORU will provide a presentation and demo of the data collection as well as present thoughts about the conduction of further experiments.img_3506 img_3505

On November 11th, some of the researchers in the E-care@home project will work concretely on a number of the requirements drafted in MSR3.2 and a few of the use cases delivered in MSR5.1 v 1. The requirements will be further detailed and an ontology supporting the use cases will be drafted.