E-care@home system video

hqdefaultIn order to prepare for for two workshops with potential users of an E-care@home system that are to be held in Västerås on May 30th 2018 in cooperation with Mistel, a video featuring the E-care@home visualizer has been recorded. Acting in the video is: Marjan Alirezaie, a researcher from Örebro University.

We are currently working on creating a more advanced demonstrator of the E-care@home system. Therefore, additional videos can be expected later on in the project.




This video features some of the current capabilities of the E-care@home system May 2018. The system can show that a person is:

– watching TV
– leaves the living room to go to the bathroom
– comes back to the living room to exercise (heart rate increases during the exercising)
– goes to the kitchen to boil some tea
– goes back to the living room and rests
– is alerted about the boiling tea
– drinks tea (heart rate is increasing due to stress)

For the recording, the following sensors were used:
– light sensor (TV+stove)
– motion sensors in living room, bathroom and kitchen
– pressure sensor in kitchen and livingroom

For this scenario, heart rate is simulated due to the difficulty of causing an increase due to stress. At the current moment, E-care@home can also measure heart rate using a Shimmer sensor.

Swedish version:

English version: