Data collection workshop at Ängen

angen_ws_sep2017_2In a data collection workshop organized by Örebro University on September 28th 2017, members of the E-care@home team agreed on an extension of the integration of environmental sensors (motion detectors, pressure sensors, etc.) with wearable sensors for health and activity information.

In E-care@home, informaangen_ws_sep2017tion from a variety of different heterogeneous sensors is integrated through a database. This allows other components of the E-care@home system to use this data independent of its source. The aim of the workshop was to include person related data from Shimmer sensor nodes into the set of available information sources and then use this new data to extend our activity recognition capabilities. This provided some interesting issues due to the high sampling frequency of ECG data.

In addition, we addressed several other issues including some problems with motion sensor data from our Contiki nodes, adding the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to the E-care@home database to allow synchronized time stamps, and an extension of the E-care@home Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a data labeling solution we develop using Flic Bluetooth buttons.