Advisory board meeting on February 14th

On February 14, project manager Amy Loutfi and Sture Hägglund (head of SICS East and the advisory board) met with Olle Vogel from KKS and the advisory board in Stockholm. This was the first advisory board meeting since May 2016 and there has been some changes with respect to members of the advisory board:

  • Dimiter Driankov has retired and left the advisory board.
  • Johanna Adami has left the advisory board because of workload.
  • Johanna Ulfvarsson from Vinnova has joined the advisory board. She participated in her first E-care@home advisory board meeting.
  • There is currently one vacancy in the advisory board.
Johanna Ulfvarson, Vinnova

Johanna Ulfvarson, Vinnova

The topics discussed during the 2h long meeting include:

  • A candidate for the vacancy in the advisory board
  • Project visibility on a national level
  • Communication plan
  • Administrative support
  • The need for ensuring a user perspective
  • The project meeting on May 16 in Örebro